Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tim Pond Camps Maine

Arrived tues a.m. at Tim Pond. This is a hunting/fishing camp run by my friend Harvey and his son Bill. they live here and have a place in Eagle's Nest in Florida. I plan to stay here for a few days and Harvey just invited me up to his camp in Labrador Canada to help out with the camp for few weeks. so i am trying to work that out with Betty my office manager. if she says yes i hope to take a few more weeks off of work?

i think the website for this camp is ------


Jon Beckham said...

Steve, it was great to meet you in Stratton, ME! Good luck on the rest of your journey! I'm envious of your trek, I'd love to take to the air and see the wilds of the east coast.

Both Forest Gimp and I (Pipper) are on, but my actual hike blog is at

Carol S. said...

Steve: The battery for your GPS arrived yesterday. I will hold here until you pass through again or can send to you in Maine.

Steve- said...

Carol I had a great time in NH. please just hang on to the gps battery. i plan to stop in to see you guys on the way home. (sept 10-15??)tell everyone i said hello. steve

Steve- said...

Jon, It was great meeting you and Colleen. You guys hiking the trail from GA to ME really put my trip in perspective. let me know how it feels to finish. email me at steve